Memories of Taihoku

3 thoughts on “Memories of Taihoku”

  1. Our parents bought many items from the street Guling Street(Chinese name) in Taihoku. My sister had a girl’s kimono and a doll. Dishes and we took them to the US years ago as a momentum. The skilled workers were asked to stay in Formosa during transition as the Taiwanese did not have the skills or training to run many operations.

  2. There were quite a few of them with no ties in Japan remained to stay in Formosa. One stayed on as a house helper. She told me in 1960 that her Japanese was so rusty and she was more fluent in the Taiwanese culture and spoke good Mandarin. Most had little trouble with reading or writing of Chinese since the written language are similar.

  3. Many year late, but I came across your post after a conversation with someone about Tetsuomi’s Taiwanese paintings. Was the book they showed you the original or a printed volume?

    I really enjoyed reading your adventures to interview this old gentleman. Thanks for this!

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