Greetings from Post-Apocalyptic NYC

Well, we survived the flooding from Hurricane Sandy. I was at my friend’s place in Williamsburg which was completely unaffected, but I ended up spending most nights in the darkened East Village with friends. You can see some photos and a little bit about my experiences during the power outtage on my personal blog.

And now there is a Nor’easter, which has postponed my flight to Europe. YES, Europe! I’m thrilled to announce that I was invited to attend a 4-day workshop at the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA). It’s one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world and will give me an opportunity to talk this film up to people I otherwise might not have access to. I’m taking the opportunity to spend a few days in Paris, where I’ve never been, and then I’ll hop on the train from the city of lights to the city of sex, drugs and canals.

On the corner of 8th Street and Ave C, post-hurricane. It’s dark.

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