New Perk for Indiegogo Campaign

Well, we seem to have suddenly gotten right around the halfway mark, so now I’m getting hopeful that maybe we can get pretty close to the goal. There are five days left and I promise I won’t bug you every day about this campaign, but I thought I should share that I’ve added a NEW PERK for donors of $100 or more: a choice of either three video lessons in Taiwanese OR an annotated guide to where we traveled to in the film. Expand your language skills or your knowledge of intriguing places in Taiwan!

And I’m totally open to hearing what you might want to learn to say in Taiwanese. How to curse out that insane motorcyclist? How to deflect your grandmother from attempting to feed you yet again? Or maybe you’d like some phrases to pick up that hot betelnut beauty or sexy noodle vendor? Message me or comment below; we can make this fun for everyone.

Video lessons will be password protected and only available to donors of $100 or more. Only five days left – please donate here!

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