Updates on the film

Well it’s been ages since I last posted something here. The last few months were taken up by Real Life – the old sourpuss, he’s always crashing the party. To appease him, I had to get an apartment and a job. Somehow I lucked out and found a place in Chinatown, in the old Five Points neighborhood. So, yes, I’m a Bowery G’hal now. And then last month, after searching for nearly a year, I finally found a job at an educational media company. Basically, they make and distribute Sex Ed videos for community centers and schools. I’m in charge of invoicing and order processing. It’s not very challenging, but there are worse ways of selling your soul. And it’s interesting to be in touch with Native American community centers throughout the country and schools in random places like the Mariana Islands.

In the meantime, I started to work on the two animation sequences that need doing and I’ve also done a paper cut for a new segment on the Green Team Video Collective. I’ve also applied to the Meet Market at Sheffield Doc Fest and spoken about Taiwanese identity at a 228 Commemoration event for Taiwanese American Society at Yale University. Hope to get more work done soon, now that I’ve sort of gotten Real Life off my back. Here are some pictures from the Yale discussion.


No Taiwanese event is complete without food. Students filled out surveys and ate before the discussion began.


Introducing a 7-minute sneak preview clip from the film.


Pointing out that it says Taiwan Republic in this stamp from Taiwan’s short-lived independence in 1895.


Distributing stickers for students to write where they come from in Taiwan.


Students adding their stickers to the map of Taiwan.


Map of Taiwan with stickers.


Interestingly, almost everyone was from Taipei,


The fantastic organizers of the event.


Such a smart and interesting group of students!

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