Labor Day updates

Well,  we are just about done with a third draft of the film and its approximately 60 minutes long. We are missing a short intro at the beginning and animation, all of which will add another 6-8 minutes. That’s just about long enough for festivals to program the film. We can trim it a little for broadcast TV if we ever get a broadcast distributor. And I think we have a new animator on board – confirming tomorrow – will write an update all about him when/if he’s confirmed. So I’m hoping to have animation done, plugged into the timeline, and picture locked by the end of this month. Which would just leave sound editing and color correcting. In the meantime, there is enough about the film in cyberland for it to be listed on Internet Movie Database. We are moving along…and so are the seasons! Hope everyone had a great summer, look forward to finally sharing this film with you in the fall or winter.   

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