2nd Draft of Animated Maps

Well it looks like we are finally on track to finish this film in the near future. Raj Kottamasu has been sending me storyboards for the history animation. The latest idea is to have my hands in the frame adding layers onto a map of Taiwan and then ripping them away. We’re planning on filming this weekend.

I’ve also been working with Tia Dunn on animated maps. I wanted to go for a vintage map feel like the beginning of Casablanca (start at 1:05 if you want to skip the credits). Here’s the second draft of one of the animated maps – the speed will probably change and the map will be overlaid on top of footage of us on the road. There are seven locations that we travel to in Taiwan during the film. Tia will also be making a map of Hakka and Hokkien migration to Taiwan and a mapped timeline of 228 uprisings.

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