Stay Tuned for a Screening (& Art Show) Near You

THE GOOD NEWS: We just got a small donation from Taiwan Foundation for Democracy for that Art for a Free Taiwan idea that I wrote about back in July of 2012. After all, what we really want to do is create a paradigm shift in the world view on Taiwan, right??? One small film might not be enough to catapult the seed of Taiwan Consciousness into the great wide world, so how about one small film PLUS an art exhibit? In FIVE CITIES? Yes! Five Cities! But before I tell you about that…

THE BAD NEWS: We didn’t receive enough to make this happen. And we need to match the grant. In order to come up with money we sadly don’t have, we created another Indiegogo Campaign. I mean, we’re artists, and we don’t have a major patron in our pocket. Yet.  So we need you to get this project rolling. Well, actually, maybe this is not such bad news… we can use this as an opportunity to rally some more people to the cause. So if you have’t already, please donate! And let everyone know!

Art constructivism

Yes, but 5 cities??? Don’t you want to hear about the status of the film first? The second draft of the film was sent to a half dozen people who gave me some great feedback. I’m in London right now – sort of a self-imposed, self-catered retreat to finish the third and final draft of the film. (And take a film course on documentary shooting – yes, I am the Queen of Killing Two Birds With One Stone.) So this means that pretty soon, we’ll be announcing a sneak preview of the completed film in NYC on the weekend of February 28th. Along with the opening of Art for a Free Taiwan.

Yes, but what about 5 cities??? The grant we got was for a proposal to take a resistance art show (and screening) to 3-5 cities. I’m thinking about the places that provided me with the means to get to the finishing line. Yes – Boston, DC, San Francisco, Portland and maybe Seattle – I’m talking about YOU!  If you’re in these cities, that gives you yet another great reason to donate to the campaign. Hit that big pink button if you want us to make it out to you in the next few months! We also need help organizing so if you wanna get involved in other ways, email me at vlinchong (at) gmail (dot) com. It takes a village to raise a child. And make a show. And after five years, I am so ready to deliver this baby.

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