Video download for Indiegogo donors sent

At long last, Indiegogo donors to ALMOST HOME: TAIWAN have been sent a link where they can see the final cut of the film and download it if they wish. The service is being provided by VHX, a new digital distributor that just launched publicly in March.

VHX has been in Beta for the past two years, during which time they teamed up with Drafthouse Pictures to release the groundbreaking documentary The Act of Killing for free in Indonesia. They also distributed Aziz Ansari’s online-exclusive comedy special and teamed up with major art house distributor Kino-Lorber to make their cult films available to the public.

It’s rather exciting that filmmakers have the option of directly distributing films nowadays. ALMOST HOME: TAIWAN is being sent out to film festivals in hopes of snagging a major distributor (cross fingers for Sundance and the Berlinale!), but even if this doesn’t happen, we can still get the film out to the world ourselves through VHX or another digital distribution platform. We chose VHX for the better rate they give to filmmakers and also the fact that they don’t require viewers to download a proprietary video player.

So, we are another step towards the completion of the film! If you donated to an Indiegogo campaign but didn’t get an email from me, please do let me know. Or if you’re just finding out about the film and want to see it before anyone else, I’m still in need of funds to keep sending out to film festivals. Those submission fees are steep!!!

Now to get out those video extras were promised to higher level donors…

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.04.24 PM

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