Hello from NYC (updates on the film)

It’s the day of the dead, day of transformation. I’m back in NYC, enjoying an amazingly sunny autumn, and thinking about this film, which has been such a struggle, but has somehow managed to find so much love and support from all of you amazing people. I’m still penniless but with a new donation, I did manage to send the film to Slamdance. And it seems that we will be screening the film at the University of Tübingen on November 27th (more info soon…) So there is some progress.

But it was a big blow not being able to return to London in April. For those of you who don’t know, the long story short is that I was denied entry back to UK. This caused me to miss out on the Sheffield Doc Fest, which had accepted ALMOST HOME: TAIWAN  to the Videotheque and my new Taiwan project MISSING to the Specials Board. With my life suddenly upended, I was too scattered to follow up on interest from Dok Leipzig, Seattle International Film Festival, and Asian-American International Film Festival in NYC, much less get DVDs made. All I managed to do was transport myself to Berlin where I’m still trying to get back on my feet.

I did go to Cannes, but it wasn’t really the place for documentaries. And maybe I spent too much time at the festival with my face pressed up to the other side of the glass, wishing my luggage would arrive from London so I could attend events and skipping out on parties since I didn’t have any money. On the other hand, I made a Japanese connection that might help in getting MISSING produced.

I haven’t even mentioned losing my apartment in NYC or the computer dying on me quite suddenly this summer… It’s ridiculous how expensive it is to be poor.

But I really want to get this film out and it’s a good time because of the election in January. It really feels like this is a turning point for Taiwan. So here’s the all! new! game plan:

November 7-10
I have one teensy edit to accomplish. I can’t do it myself since I still don’t have Final Cut after the death of my most recent computer. But this should take all of ten minutes for an editor. Once I get my hard drive back from one of the many places I’ve lived in the last six months. And buy a cable that has weirdly gone AWOL.

November 15
After the edit, the film can be exported to VHX where I’ll make it available for downloads at $5.

December 15
The goal is to get enough downloads that I can make the $160 necessary to create DVDs for donors by the New Year. Or maybe even Christmas!!!

January 10
DVDs available to the general public via Createshare.

Thanks for your patience and support, everyone! We are close, so very very close, to getting this film out there. Hope you are all having a great day of dressing up and being a supernatural, supernova version of yourself. Happy Halloween!

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