The Girl in the Newsreel

I’ve been slightly obsessed with a mysterious young woman who is in a Japanese newsreel that I’ve been using in the film. You can see the whole newsreel here on youtube if you ever want to feel the full tragedy of Japan’s involvement in the war. That’s Hirohito’s famous surrender speech in the background. But I’m talking just about a small part that starts at 00:50. Don’t blink – … Continue reading The Girl in the Newsreel

Marching Forward

At the sneak preview in San Francisco, someone came up to me and asked about the last song in the film, Marching Forward (向前走) by Lim Giong (林強). He was surprised to discover that the song was a hit back in 1990 and exclaimed, “So it was from a previous generation?!” Well, 1990 doesn’t seem so very … Continue reading Marching Forward