Art for a Free Taiwan

Art for a Free Taiwan is a resistance art project in tandem with ALMOST HOME: TAIWAN, that seeks to grow awareness of Taiwan’s issues while promoting the film. Posters will be exhibited and sold in tandem with promotional efforts for Victoria Linchong’s documentary ALMOST HOME: TAIWAN, but they are NOT a promotion for the film. They are meant to carry a strong political message and stand on their own as dynamic, provocative resistance art posters.

It’s a win-win deal that we hope will snowball into a critical mass of international demand for democracy in Taiwan:

1. Artists in America, Taiwan, and elsewhere are invited to submit designs for resistance posters that say KEEP TAIWAN FREE and/or 維護台灣民
2. Political art galleries in cities where we’re going to promote the film are solicited to exhibit these amazing posters over a long weekend
3. Posters are sold wherever Victoria goes to speak about  ALMOST HOME: TAIWAN, in the galleries, and online
4. Proceeds from the posters are divided equally between artists and the film.

Maybe eventually a coffee table art book can be created from all the poster designs!

Interested? Email Victoria for more information.

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